Our Values

As part of the SMV Health Group, we aspire to deliver the highest quality of care and support across our residential, nursing, community and recruitment services. Our aim is to make a real and lasting difference to the people we support by achieving positive outcomes and enabling as normal and fulfilling a life as possible. The values and behaviours we aspire to at SMV Adult Care are:

Putting people first

Our business is about giving people hope and full filling life. It's about working with strengths to enable them to grow in self-worth and where possible, independence.

Being supportive

Being a loyal and true friend to the people we support, including the families of the people in our care. Being supportive to each other too because it's only through sticking together, being honest and passionate that we do this job so well.

Acting with integrity

Taking responsibility, being honest in what we do and what we say, keeping it personal and seeking to achieving realistic goals for individuals in our care.

Striving for excellence

Questioning everything in a positive and constructive way and always striving to improve. By doing so, we can make things better for the individuals we support.

Being positive

Seeing potential, seeing what could be and not limitations. Being creative and trying out new things to find the best solutions that make it happen.

Get in touch

For further information on SMV Adult Care's values or to find out more about our services, please call us today on 07584869691 , 07988865486, 07592017712 or email us on info@smvhealthgroup.org.uk or click here to complete our short enquiry form.