How Your Voice Works

Every person we support is an individual. Therefore, Your Voice operates differently for each person. Some of the ways Your Voice works for people supported by SMV Adult Care today are highlighted below. Your Voice enables us to support people to have meaningful lives in ways of their choosing.

Formal group meetings

These meetings are used to discuss what is important to people and to talk about any service-related issues. The meetings are led and run by the people we support.

Informal group discussions

These can be social events such as walking groups, meeting for afternoon tea or activity sessions. They don't normally have an agenda and are led by the people we support.

One-to-one discussions

These can occur as guided conversations or spontaneous chats at any time to suit the individual.


Non-verbal or non-intentional communications and behaviours are recognised as opinions or views and recorded as such.

Comment cards or books

Information gained from the people we support via comments cards or in comments books held in the service also form part of the Your Voice scheme. Feedback gained through these different means is recorded in a Your Voice evidence pack and the information is reviewed and implemented at every level of SMV Adult Care.

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