Staffing Team

All staff we employ must have experience of working with vulnerable young adults and older people within care setting or a setting that require them to form relationship with service users. All staff undergoes an induction period when they commence employment with us. Induction involves new staff shadowing more experience staff, ensuring that new staffs are familiar with policy and procedures of SMV Health Group Ltd, ensuring that new staff does not undertake lone working until they are competent in their role.
We have staff who speak other minority languages to meet diverse communication needs of the people that we support and care for.

As part of their employment contract all new staff have six months probation period. We consider staff with minimum Health and Social Care level 1 qualification as our baseline requirement. However the majority of our staff have degrees or are currently attending university to acquire degree in their relevant field of work.

During this period they are monitored and have regular supervision given by their Line Manager. In addition to this all new staff attends training via Skills Staff Training (Our Training Provider) during their probation period. All staff attended various training on subjects such as safeguarding children & adults level 1,2,3, missing from home, working with children and adults who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, working with young people who misuse substances, Equal Opportunity Health and Safety at work to name but a few.

Management Team

Our management team have a range of various experiences and background. The Operations Manager is a qualified social worker specialised in children and families and has practised for a number of years and has a Level 5 qualification in residential children leadership and management (Adult Management). He has managed EBD and LD homes and a 3-bed home registered with Ofsted. The service Manager and General Manager respectively have years of experience working in social care setting ranging from adults with autism, learning disabilities, elderly services and Adolescent mental health units. They have a Level 3 & 5 qualification in residential children leadership and management respectively. They all have over 10years experience of working with vulnerable people in society, managing supported living homes for vulnerable adults. In addition they have relevant qualification for their role such as NVQs and safer recruitment training.